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Is it difficult to get a taxi cab in New York? The answer is if you do not know nothing about taxi cabs in New York you will find it stange, difficult and even dangerous. Sometimes, you may ask yourself why does not anyone stop

If you are looking for a cab in New York - look no further. You are at the right place and you can call a taxi cab using our website. You will find an exact locations of taxi stations around New York. Also, if you are interested in New York traffic.

Taxi in NYC is a great way to get from point A to point B for a huge chunk of change. Why do you need a taxi if you can use metro or a bus.


Cabs near me - NYC

You may use this map to find out the exact location of taxi stations in New York City.

One of the largest taxi companies in the world is located in NYC. If you live in Manhattan, you probably do not own a car, as even if you use taxi services every day, it will cost you less than just parking. According to statistics, 90% of all NYC taxi cabs are located exactly in Manhattan. Taxi cabs of New York City are widely recognized icons of the city and come in two flavours: yellow cabs and apple green cabs. (there are black cabs also, but we will talk about them later)


Diffrent taxi services in New York

What is the difference between two of this taxi services? . Yellow cab (medallion taxis) will pick up passengers in all five boroughs (Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island). Apple green cabs will pick up passengers only in Upper Manhattan, Staten Island, the Bronx and Brooklyn (excluding LaGuardia Airport and JFK Airport). Green taxis began to appear in the middle of 2013 as a part of demonopolization campaign.

Medallion system

The basis of taxi industry in New York is so-called a medallion system, which was approved in 1937 by one of the most famous New York mayors - Fiorello La Guardia. Only the owner of the medallion has the right to run taxi business in the city. Originally they were issued around 17 000 pieces, and in 2014 in NYC are located in the back of a taxi medallions 13437.

According to the rules of the New York City - yellow cabs can drive anywhere, but they have area restrictions to pick up passengers in Manhattan. At the very beginning medallions were sold for $ 10 but after the Second World War, the price increased dramatically. Today, the average cost of medallion is around one million dollars. It is strongly believed that the investment in a taxi medallion is considered one of the best investments, along with real estate. Several thousand medallion owners, who bought them in sixties became a millioners in the year 2000.

Yellow cab New York

Yellow Taxicab became a symbol of New York City in 20th century. If you watch any movie about New York you definitely see a lot of yellow cabs. Yellow cab is a strong symbol, but what about black and green cabs?

Black Cab New York

Black Cadillacs that are cruising around town have no right to pick up passengers and can work only on call (most of them work in airports). Apple Green cabs, also called Boro Taxi, has an area limitations and can work only in Upper Manhattan, Staten Island, the Bronx and Brooklyn (excluding LaGuardia Airport and JFK Airport).