Hailing a Cab in NYC

Hailing a cab in NYC is very simple. You just hold out your arm and here we go, you get a taxi. Sounds easy but the reality is different. You will notice that many New York taxis just drive by without stopping for you. The answer is in the light box atop of the taxi.

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Tips to catch a taxicab in NYC.

Taxi near me is availbale:

Center light is lit and you can see a medallion number

Taxi near me is off duty:

Medallion number and the side lamps of lightbox are lit

Taxi near me is busy:

No lights of lightbox are lit


New York City is not like Berlin where you have to go to a taxicab stand to get a taxi. Here, you just raise your hand up, whistle or no matter what to get attention from a taxi driver. If you want to be sure in your taxi driver, or if you want to save some cash – try UBER taxi service. You may call UBER or just download UBER taxi application for your Android or iOS device and get an affordable taxi ride.



New York City

Tахi services in NYC

Taxi Services in NYC: Yellow Cabs, Green Cabs and Black Cabs are not the only taxi services in NYC. There are several taxi hailing applications for your smartphone and each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages

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New York City

Yellow Cab Taxi services

Yellow Medallion cabs are the only ones authorized to pick up hails. Avoid cabs that are not the typical "yellow cab", especially if you are new to New York.

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New York City

Black Cab Taxi services

A Black Car is probably a car service, or just anyone trying to make a few bucks from an unsuspecting tourist, by stopping and illegally picking up passengers.

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