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Taxi Fares compare in NYC


Taxi Fare Data Base

We will compare taxi fares in New York City based on real rides. Lets start with simple ride from 3rd Avenue Garden, 3rd Avenue, New York, NY to 14 Street - Union Square, New York, NY. According to our calculations the average price will be 20 dollars, but if you choose an SUV from Uber it will rise to 50 dollars. In any case UberX is cheaper than a Yellow Cab 9 times out 10. Yellow cabs and Green cabs were 40% more expensive than UberX taxi service.


Lets compare taxi fares for another ride from 3rd Ave, Bronx, NY to 60th Street, West New York, NJ. According to Uber web site, the ride will cost you from $60 for UberX car to $150 for UberSUV. New Golden Horse Car Service is probably the cheapest way to get to the point, as their flat rate was 40 dollars when we gave them a call.

If you are interested in exact numbers we suggest you to download "trip fare data sheet" which contains medallion, hack license, vendor id, rate code, store and forward flag, pickup date and time, dropoff date and time, how many passenger were in the cab, ride time in seconds, distance of a trip, and longitude and latitude for the pickup and dropoff points. Each file has around 13 - 14 million entries and you can study them as long as you want.

Download the complete information on taxi fares in New York City. TAXI FARE

1. Taxi Trip Fare in NYC Data 01

2. Taxi Trip Fare in NYC Data 02

3. Taxi Trip Fare in NYC Data 03

4. Taxi Trip Fare in NYC Data 04

5. Taxi Trip Fare in NYC Data 05

6. Taxi Trip Fare in NYC Data 06

7. Taxi Trip Fare in NYC Data 07

8. Taxi Trip Fare in NYC Data 08

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10. Taxi Trip Fare in NYC Data 10

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Yellow Cab Taxi Service

Yellow Cabs are avaliable via street hails only. To book a ride with their partner company FHV service "MyCarServiceRide", you should use a reservation form published on their website. It is a good option if you live on time, but if you want a quick ride you probably just hail. Hailing a taxi cab in New York City is not so easy and you may waste a lot of time doing that.

Green Cab Taxi Service

Boro Taxis are painted in apple green and have a credit card reader, a taxi meter, a roof light and equiped with video camera. Taxi fare in a "Boro Taxi" is the same rate as for yellow cab in NYC. All "Boro Taxis" have GPS trackers to make it easier to locate lost property. These vehicles go through TLC inspection for safety and proper taxi equipment twice a year (every year).

Black Cab Taxi Service

Black Cab Taxi Service is very different from Yellow or Green Cabs services. Their rates vary depending on the day of week, time and weather conditions in New York. They are not strictly regulated by authorities as medallioned yellow cabs. To make a taxi reservation you have to call them and they will give you a set of price of how much trip will be. Their taxi rate are signinfically higher than yellow cabs rates. One of their advantages is that they can travel farther outside of New York City, as they can add extra cost to your bill to get back in NY. Black Cab service gives you a flat rate from point to point.

Gett Taxi Service

Website guarantees better fares than Uber and flat rates. You can get a $10 taxi ride below 110th street in New York. The main advantage of this application is that you can choose the same vehicle as you have used before. You can choose from standart vehicle to a black unmarked SUV. Theu promise that you can save lots of money using their taxi service application.


Way2ride application showed up on iTunes store not so long time ago. It was published by Verifone that says it is a "consumer-facing mobile app that makes the taxi experience faster and easier. Being delivered by Verifone initially in the New York City". This NYC taxi application is designed for iPhone and has a good rating among users. One of the good advantages of this system, is that you can pay by your phone for your taxi ride.

New Golden Horse Car Service

It is one of the most professional Chinese taxi service in NYC. This service is cheaper than yellow cab taxi service, and you can save on your ride, but overall rating of this taxi service is not so good. Average waiting time is around 15 minutes, which is 3 times longer than Uber taxi service. The average cost of ride from Fresh Meadows to JFK is around $25.

New York City

Tахi services in NYC

Taxi Services in NYC: Yellow Cabs, Green Cabs and Black Cabs are not the only taxi services in NYC. There are several taxi hailing applications for your smartphone and each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages

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New York City

Yellow Cab Taxi services

You may use this taxi calculator to find out the exact cost of your taxi ride..

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