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A Guide to NYC Taxi

Hailing a cab in NYC is very simple. You just hold out your arm and here we go, you get a taxi. Sounds easy but the reality is different. You will notice that many New York taxis just drive by without stopping for you. The answer is in the light box atop of the taxi.


Taxi near me is availbale:

Center light is lit and you can see a medallion number

Taxi near me is off duty:

Medallion number and the side lamps of lightbox are lit

Taxi near me is busy:

No lights are lit


Ok, now you have a basic idea how it works but lets dig it deeper to get a complete picture. First of all it is all about time. The worst time of day to catch a cab in NYC is around 4 or 5pm. It is going to take longer than usual to nab a cab during these pick hours.

Do not forget, that the yellow cab now is worth six hundred thousand dollars and that's called the medallion. Technically you hire a millionere for your ride, and a way of minimizing surprises involves getting an upfront idea of the final bill. Some taxi drivers will take faster routes, and honestly access traffic to fee ratio and provide you with options. These taxi drivers are hard working with kids and families to support. Driving in Manhattan is crazy at peak hours, and you will appreciate any comfort provided by professional driver.


NYC Yellow taxicabs Reviews

Negative review

"As everybody knows never expect any decent services from NYC yellow taxicab. We can't be certain of the driver who is text driving. When you tell him to stop texting and drive safely, he advices you to switch to a new taxicab. The cab service in NYC is just rather horrifying!!! NEVER SPEND YOUR CASH ON A NYC YELLOW CAB !!!"

Positive review

"We used taxicabs throughout our journey and had a nothing but great experiences. The taxi drivers knew their way (excluding one cab driver in Brooklyn) and the taxicabs were spotless. The video screens in a cab, while providing valuable and essential info, were kind of irritating, so it was good that you could eventually switch them off.
The part I was stressing about most, was arriving at JFK airport and not having a clue where to find a ride or where to go. Got our luggage and there was a sign pointing out that said 'Taxi'. Outside, there was a sign pointing us to a convenient yellow line, with a guy lining up taxicabs and directing people to open cars. Excellent! I was so relieved and fascinated with the quickness of the whole process.
Our taxi driver, Mike, had a spotless taxi, was very polite, and knew where he was driving."




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