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If you want to operate a taxicab in New York City, you have to have a medallion—a metal plate displayed on the vehicle’s hood—and there are a fixed number issued by TLC. Until now, medallions were a great thing to have. In 1950, you could purchase one for $2,500. In 2013, they were going over a million. Now it is difficult to sell it for $650 000 thanks to Uber.

Yellow Cabs are avaliable via street hails only. To book a ride with their partner company FHV service "MyCarServiceRide", you should use a reservation form published on their website. It is a good option if you live on time, but if you want a quick ride you probably just hail. Hailing a taxi cab in New York City is not so easy if you do not understand the process and you may waste a lot of time doing that. Read our "Tips to catch a cab" and you will be able to get a taxi as quick as possible

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50 cents surcharge

In November 2009, New York city added 50 cents surcharge to all taxi fares. This luxury tax paid by passengers. This expected to bring in 80 millions of doolars in revenue to help close the Metropolitan Transit Authority's. U.S.$2.3 billion budget shortfall. Thanks to the tax on taxi passengers, 5 million daily subway and bus riders have been spared a fare hike. But not everyone is happy. Most cab drivers in the New York City, believe this tax is bad for business.

Cab driver says: "The city said it's on the customers, but I don't really think it's on the customers. I think we're losing it. All the customers aren't doing that. We're making less with the tips. Yesterday, so many times, people got in, and they just paid what it said on the meter. They didn't give me anything for tip at all. Nothing. It's hurting the cab driver who is trying to make a living to support their family. Yesterday, my MTA tax was, I had to pay U.S.$20. We lose it more with the tips now with the people, especially New Yorkers.If somebody takes a ride for U.S.$9, and they used to give you U.S.$10, they're still going to give you U.S.$10. You're just going to lose that 50 cents. We need taxes of course. Because we need to pay our fire department, our police department, sanitation. I'm all pissed off about the 50 cent surcharge because it doesn't belong to the city, the cabs. They shouldn't have the right to do that. They should just put the taxes on the MTA, because they own the MTA. If they made it a 25 cents more, do you think people would stop taking the trains and buses? They're not. It's still the cheapest way to go no matter what. Cheaper than the cab. They're just making it harder for us by putting the surcharge with us. It gets to the point some nights that I'll drive around for almost two hours without finding a passenger. Then I'll just quit."

17% taxi fare increase

In the year 2012, The New York City approved a 17 percent taxi fare increase for cabs. That was the first major hike in six years. That made New York the fourth highest in cost the average taxi ride behind Tokyo, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Uber Lowering Fares

Instead of rising taxi fare as yellow cabs taxi service does, Uber is lowering fares and users are now paying less for a taxi ride in New York City. Uber taxi service lowered taxi fares on its UBERXL and UBERX services by about 15 percent starting on January 29th 2016. The base taxi fare dropped from three dollars to two fifty, with per mile rate going from two twenty to dollar seventy five which made Uber cheaper than a taxi and more affordable for all residents of New York City.


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